Mr. S. Navin Sundar is well experienced in the field of astrology and numerology and is qualified through the Madurai Kamarajar University. We have more than 10 years of experience in providing astrological and numerological solutions all over Tamilnadu. We also provide matrimonial solutions for all community people. Most of the VIPs and cine field personalities have been benefited after consulting with us. We provide the best and easy parikarams.

We are also experts in gemology and suggest gem stones not only based on rasi but we also analyze the complete strength of all planets and planetary positions for every individual. Our eminent astrologers have in depth knowledge and prescribe effective remedial measures which will help you to lead a successful life. We are also experts in Palmistry. We give perfect predictions and solutions based on the mounts, mainlines, sublines etc. It helps to get prosperity in life and also helps to protect ourselves from black magic and evil sprits.

We are specialized in horoscope predictions, hebrew pyramid numerology, career forecast, health related queries, marital compatibility and prescribe remedial measures for prosperity and success in your life. If you are looking for the best astrologer for detailed analysis of horoscopes and personal predictions, you can contact us via phone, emails, letters and direct consultation.

Mirracles Astrology Centre

Mirracles Astrology Centre is offering accurate astrology and numerology solutions for health, business, education, career,Studies, marriage and other related needs in Chennai. Our astrologers are skilled in this field and can predict and generate reliable prediction reports and suggest the best solutions to brighten your future.

Our astrologers analyze the horoscopes and predict the similarity and differences between couples for marital compatibility. If you are looking for detailed marriage analysis which covers all aspects of the match, then we are the right choice for you to generate an accurate match report.


We provide astrological solutions based on the planetary positions, stars, dasa, ruling planets, degrees and distance of the planet from the sun, manglik etc., at the time of birth in horoscope for every individual person...


Hebrew Pyramid Numerology is an advanced and powerful method which we use to give reliable numerological solutions. The method of Hebrew Pyramid Numerology helps to calculate the internal number...


We offer matrimonial solutions for all communities. Starting from Jadagam till the match making, we provide the best possible solutions along with Parikarams. By comparing the horoscope of the boy and girl,...